What’s a NAMS3 Workshop Minute?

Whew, I'm about dead to the world here. It's the end of the first day at NAMS3 - the third episode of the Niche Affiliate Marketing System Workshop we're holding in Atlanta. It's been awesome today. Here's some numbers: 180 - people attending NAMS3 18 - incredibly gifted instructors 11 - outstanding Aides who are making the workshop run like clockwork 3 - microphones   [Read More …]

Why do I have to sign an NDA and release?

Why do I have to sign an NDA and release to attend a NAMS workshop? Newcomers who walk into the Niche Affiliate Marketing System workshop are often surprised that they must sign a Non-Disclosure form (NDA) that includes a release to use your picture, testimonial and audio comments. The release part of the document isn't the part that scares people. It's the   [Read More …]

What should you bring to NAMS?

Tomorrow, I start packing the stuff I have to bring to the Niche Affiliate Marketing System Workshop. I travel a bunch, so I'm pretty good at packing. I never check bags. Even when I fly cross country for a 12-day stay, I've got everything I need in my one little carry-on bag. But this time, I'm loading up a U-Haul trailer and lugging that bad boy the four-hour drive to   [Read More …]

"I’m feeling overwhelmed…"

I received a note from one of the forum moderators yesterday telling me that there is a consistent theme brewing among the people joining the NAMS workshop for the first time: "I'm feeling overwhelmed already." That's the short version. The feeling is completely normal, but also unnecessary. The number one NAMS Workshop rule is: Don't Worry! And have fun! That's   [Read More …]

What’s your big goal?

What's your big goal? Yesterday, in the article about finding your niche, we talked about fun ways of combining your passion with your expertise. It was fun. The Prosperity Scrabble game was an especially fun way to get the creative juices flowing. I hope you tried that out. And I hope you're talking to other NAMS members about how it worked for you in the forum. I hope   [Read More …]