There’s got to be a trick to this…

Man, I was really frustrated this morning. I had a great farm day planned at my house. My driveway was like a washboard even though we'd put nearly a 120 tons of gravel on it just 3 months ago. Yep, that's a lot of gravel, but I've got a lot of driveway. My truck - and more importantly, Charlsa's Jeep - was bouncing all over the drive even though we practically crawl up   [Read More …]

NAMS4 workshop jumps to $397 Sunday

Something big happens on Sunday night. The fourth edition of the Niche Affiliate Marketing System workshop jumps to $397. And it will never be lower than $397 again. So if you're waiting for a coupon - it ain't happening! We are working our way to $697 or until it sells out. We currently have 92 seats left. That seems like a lot. It's not! In 28 days since we packed   [Read More …]

Do you exist? Not if you don’t have a domain!

Yep, that seems a little harsh. But it's the truth. Unless you have a domain and some webhosting space where you can put your stuff, you really don't have much of a web presence. I love Twitter, Facebook, and all the other social marketing sites. But are you being "social with a purpose"? If you're not driving your social friends to your own links - your personal webspace -   [Read More …]

Brainstorming with Jeff Herring, Maritza Parra and PF Chang…

Just a couple of days ago, I had an awesome brainstorming session with Jeff Herring and Maritza Parra. And I was carrying my handy-dandy Kodak Zi8 video camera with an external microphone so I could tape a 30-minute session about it and it was great. I thought you'd like to get a peak inside the inner workings of an intense brainstorming session, so I've got the video   [Read More …]

Keep the NAMS 3 Workshop momentum going with training webinars

Stuff happens fast in the internet world. So, we should be ready to respond. That's why I'm setting up a couple of last-minute webinar training sessions. The first is part of an ongoing series I'm starting about profiting from NAMS as an affiliate. Yes, this is late notice, but I wanted to let you get started as quickly as possible. Discover techniques for profiting as a   [Read More …]