Major Challenges Always Bring Self-Analysis

Yesterday was a big day in the Perdew household.

Just 10 years ago on Aug. 12th, I sat in the family waiting area at Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta holding my breath until the doctor appeared from surgery to report whether he’d removed all of Charlsa’s cancerous cells surgically. We had been married almost 4 years at that time.

Friends and family were sitting with me. The doctor was the best in his field. The medical team was optimistic. The prognosis was good, but I was still very nervous.

Charlsa and David celebrating 10 years
Charlsa and David celebrating 10 years of Cancer Freedom with Pancakes!

“What was the point of this,” I asked God. Even though I was slowly coming around, my faith was weak. “No good can come from this,” I thought. It’s just cruel to put two people together who seemed to be perfect for each other, and then put them through the trauma of a life-threatening illness.

I was so wrong. Challenges build faith and they give us great opportunities to examine our lives.

When Dr. Weiser appeared, still in scrubs with his mask hanging below his chin, he said that he had gotten it all and didn’t see any reason for any further treatment. That meant no chemotherapy, no radiation, no external poison in the name of medicine, and no more cancer.

I held it together as I made the phone calls to family and friends waiting to hear the news. Then, I got Carson, Charlsa’s oldest and dearest friend, on the line. That’s when I collapsed into tears of relief.

Charlsa was never the same. She was better!

She came out of the hospital determined to change her life. She would be the healthiest person she could be. Her diet would reflect and reinforce that. Regular vigorous exercise became a top priority. Spending more time in her faith and in service to others was the reward for this new life. And she’s been driven to live that way for 10 years as consistently focused as anyone I know.

Being around her daily has changed me too.

What was Henry David Thoreau’s quote?

“The unexamined life is worthless…”

Maybe that’s not it exactly. In fact, I’m sure it’s not. It’s more like Henry David Perdew’s version because that’s been my experience. When I don’t exam my life, my goals, my motives, or my progress, I’m pretty worthless…

Major events always present an opportunity to do a little self-examination.

The NAMS Workshop is a major event for me and many others.

If you attended NAMS8, let’s do this together. If you didn’t make it, jump into this exercise anyway because obviously we need to start with why you didn’t make it…

In the past, I’ve done this more informally. This time, I’m writing it down to formalize it a bit. And I truly believe, as Helen Raptoplous told us in her workshop, public goals make for more accountable actions. That’s the reason we’ve added accountability groups in our forum as a place for members to publicly proclaim their goals and map their progress with encouragement (maybe some prodding) from colleagues.

In that vein, I’m launching a new category at MyNAMS called David’s Journal. This is where I’ll write about the progress against these goals, and I’ll be accountable to all of you.

So, what have I learned and what’s changing for me?

Let’s start with the easy stuff, the low-hanging fruit as we say in the consulting business. It comes down to this:

Less work, more service, more money.

And it really is in that order.

Less Work

Issue # 1: For 7 years, I’ve worked 16 to 18 hours a day minimum, 6 days a week. On the 7th day, I worked 8 to 12 hours and that felt like a vacation. I’ve been incredibly busy, but not very efficient.

For too long, I’ve focused on working “in” the business as Michael Gerber says in the E-Myth instead of “on” it. As a solo entrepreneur, we think we have to do it all. Big mistake! I’ve outsourced much of my business for many years, but never some of the key pieces. One of the lessons I learned over the past few months was that when I get out of the way, things go better…When people don’t feel empowered to make decisions and do the work, I’ll end up doing it.

I would NEVER allow one of my consulting clients to have this kind of work / balance approach to life. It needs to change.

Solution:  Five hours a day is the new goal. I’ll work afternoons only. No weekends.

Wow! Writing that down seems like a pipe dream. I love to work, so I’m sure it will be a challenge to stay away from the computer, but I have a ton of personal projects including more work to do on the house, writing, photography, gardening, traveling and spending more time with my wife. And if that isn’t enough, I’ve got 95 acres of forest and streams (read jungle) that need taming.

How can I do that? I’ve got a great team… More about this later.

More Service

Issue #2: MyNAMS is an awesome site. There’s so much content and so many tools here that people truly don’t need to go anywhere else for great training, outstanding niche content or terrific tools. BUT more is not always the answer. The site is overwhelming to newbies and advanced marketers alike.

It is so much better than a year ago, but we need to be laser focused and meet members where they are to lead through the site and to their business goals.

Solution: Two dashboards on August 23rd.

1)      On that date, the home page becomes a simple dashboard with 10 choices. Each of those takes you to a special section of the site to perform specific tasks.

2)      If you are a MyNAMS member, you’ll go to your personalized Member Dashboard. Once logged in, that dashboard will know who you are, where you are in your training and how well you’re progressing. We’ll present the tasks you require next.

To be of maximum service at MyNAMS, we have to address YOUR individual issues. That’s where we’re headed. When you log into MyNAMS, you will believe this site was built specifically for you. (And it is…)

More Money

Issue # 3: I have an issue with money. I always have. I can make a ton of money, but too often I don’t use money as the tool for great works that it is.

Think of it this way: Long ago, I panicked if I had less than $50 in my checking account. Then, my money consciousness expanded. That limit became $500. Next, I was uncomfortable with less than $5000 in the account. And it keeps expanding as I keep expanding.

But there are a couple of problems with this scenario:

1)      There should not be any level where I panic. Focus on the negative and you get the negative. There’s a great quote that I love: Argue for a problem, and it’s yours. I don’t want to put any limits on the money I can earn because it enables all my other dreams. Money is a tool. That’s all.

2)      If I place a limit on my receptivity levels, I’ll only achieve those levels. In other words, remove all limits and let it rain money all up in here. Money is never the issue. Service is the key. But to be of greatest service, money can be a great tool. It’s just the way it is…

Solution: Better monetization of MyNAMS by serving more people at different experience levels.

By the time we launch the new dashboards, we’ll also be offering 2 additional membership levels to the MyNAMS site. The first will be a $10 per month membership for the weekly webinar training sessions AND replays only. Those members will not have access to any of the other great training and tools available on the site. And we’ll have a second membership level of $97 that includes weekly coaching Q&A as well as product creation access each month.

By serving more, more efficiently, we’ll triple our income by the end of 2012. That will allow some seriously awesome things that we have planned for NAMS and MyNAMS.

This is a great start, but certainly there are more specifics that go into each of these. And I’ll write more about these over the next few days.


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  1. David Perdew says

    Tell me what changes you’re making based on your latest challenge. If you went to NAMS, what’s your plan following that experience? We all want to know.

  2. says

    Good stuff David!

    My goal is to have a product(s) by the next NAMS whether it be a joint venture or my own product. There are 3 in the works (all different areas) so I would like 1 if not all completed by Feb.

    Oh that is scary to say out loud.
    Angie recently posted..Successful Workout WeekMy Profile

  3. AdrienneDupree says

    David, thanks for sharing your testimony. It is very inspiring. My challenge is not to let my full time job consume me so that I can focus on my passion. I will have 3 products created by the next NAMS in February.

    • David Perdew says

      Thanks Adrienne – You’re absolutely right! Your job can’t consume you… that defeats the purpose really.

    • says

      Adrienne I was in the same position…was selling real estate. It was consuming all my time and I had nothing more than wacko doodles and could not get anything done.

      I kept telling myself to quit…..finally I just did it and can’t be happier.

      I was very good as a real estate agent but hated every minute of it….as Tony Robbins always says if u don’t like what u r doing quit….and do what u love…so after many years I am finally listening to him

  4. Ruchita Shah says

    We are planning a geographical move and that will require my husband possibly leaving his job. That means we need to get an income stream developed in 3 – 4 months time. It doesn’t have to generate the same income as the job but we are looking for a glimmer of hope. We have spent too much time running around in circles on developing an online business without much resutls .

    • David Perdew says

      Hey Ruchita – There is hope. Lots of folks who’ve gone through the NAMS system are making money. It is not an overnight process. This training like any other only helps if you implement it and follow the directions. This was actually a conversation with another member in the forum. Check out the instructor responses

      • Ruchita Shah says

        Thanks a lot David. There is lot of good info it as everyone says – the key is to Follow the nams plan and stick to it. Our biggest challenge is that the initial steps of finding niches etc look easy. As a result before we know it’ we are working on. 5 projects that all appeal to js. As a result we keep busy but without rewards. Going through modules of nams 100 right now. More questions will follow. BTW, I love the community that is set HP here.

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