Adventures in Listbuilding: An Evolution of List Automation and Segmentation

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Join Phil Hollows and David Perdew as they discuss how to get more out of your most valuable business asset – your mailing list.

You know you need one, you may even have one, but if all you’re doing is collecting email addresses and sending blasts occasionally, you’re missing out on the real power of listbuilding. On Wednesday, January 4, discover how you can easily segment and automate your mailing list so you can…

  • Send the perfect offer to each and every list member, earning a much better response than the typical “blast.”
  • Automate sign-ups and unsubscribes to keep your list clean and efficient.
  • Easily build a highly targeted, responsive list.


MyNAMS Instructor Phil HollowsPhil Hollows is the CEO and Founder of FeedBlitz (, the premium FeedBurner alternative. He is also the author of the 170 page e-book “List Building for Bloggers”. Phil has spoken at two BlogWorlds in 2011 (NYC and LA), the Savvy Blogging Summit 2010 and 2011, and other industry events.



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