How to Connect with Your Audience through the Power of Stories


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What would happen if you genuinely connected with the “stories” of your prospects.

I’m not talking about a shallow, “tell ‘em want they want to hear” interaction to trick people into buying. No! I mean to establish an authentic heart connection with your prospect! If you were able to truly connect with a new prospect, client or audience at THAT level, what do you think would happen? I believe you know – relationship!

We would forge a trust bond with customers that would last a lifetime. The good news is that we CAN accomplish all that and more through the power of stories!

In “Market With Stories,” I share how to connect with your audience in meaningful ways by first understanding where they’re coming from as a potential customer. We will then explore how to engage them through the power of story and the power of video! In this webinar, I will reveal:

  • Why our marketing methods have been wrong
  • The five stages of story and how to use them to engage your audience
  • Understanding the power of nostalgia and sentiment
  • How “Other People’s Stories” can build bridges with your audience in the sales process
  • The BEST sources for compelling stories that you don’t have to write yourself
  • And much more!

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Tony Laidig an entreprenuer, speaker and author and own a media company that specializes in using Public Domain works to create new, hybrid information products in a wide variety of forms, including ebooks, printed materials, audio, video and more. I also am an expert in photography and graphic design.



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