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Paul Evans is a tricky guy. He conducts business like a master because he does one thing really well: Keep it simple!

Don’t be fooled by the down-home, y’alls, and the southern lilt to his voice. He’s using every ounce of his personality to connect with his audience in person, on the stage or in written format, and he’s bringing the people who WANT and NEED to be in his audience closer, while weeding out those who don’t to achieve a following that is devoted.

Today, he shared his unique techniques to communicate with his special blend of being himself and presenting a clear message. You’ll discover:

  • How to talk to the market so they understand and relate to you
  • The Who, What, When, Where and How of communication
  • How connected you really want to be to your audience
  • If you’re the one who says, “I sick of being told what to do…”
  • And how to create master written communication without typing a word (or why your doodles may finally be paying off…)

If you don’t have access to this presentation replay, you can purchase it for just $7. Click the Add to Cart button below.

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If you don’t have access to this presentation replay, you can purchase it for just $7. Click the Add to Cart button below.

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Paul Evans is a professional speaker, author, and an offline and online entrepreneur. He started his first business almost a quarter of a century ago. His first online business was launched in 1997 and it’s still making profits today.


About David Perdew

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  1. Ute Goldkuhle

    Paul, I just listened to your presentation! As always, I LOVED it. Here is why: you encourage to find and use our own voice, speak from the heart and create our niche from the heart. And yet, you do not lose sight of the importance building a business model that is true to your managing style. I hope everyone has the chance to listen to this recording. It is so enjoyable and informative to hear Paul and David, the true kindred spirits in creative communication and people connection, share their passion.

  2. richardschnur says:

    I miss being able to download the video/audio.

    I play the files off line at accelerated speeds while I work at client sites as background.

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