Three Excellent Reasons You’ll Be Podcasting Sooner or Later, with Kelly McCausey


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Podcasting is a relationship builder that takes your content marketing to a more intimate level. 

I will light a fire under those who’ve been procrastinating about podcasting and inspire those who’ve never given it any thought.

  • Your target market wants audio as an option – are you giving it to them?
  • Competitors love to cooperate with you when you have a podcast
  • Podcasting is darned good for business!
  • Podcasting is not a lot of extra work if you do it smartly


Kelly McCausey has built a thriving internet business doing what she loves; writing, creating, coaching and encouraging others.

With a goal to provide high value resources and services that help solopreneurs achieve dreams of a profitable online business, Kelly publishes a variety of blogs, podcasts, ebooks and audio products.

She got her start on the internet in 2002, began podcasting in 2003 and went full-time as an online marketer in 2006. She now has more than 350 episodes and gets ton of traffic from podcasts as her primary traffic source.

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As the founder and chief architect of NAMS - the Niche Affiliate Marketing System, Inc. - I've used all my skills as a journalist, consultant and entrepreneur to build one of the most successful and fastest growing live business educational workshops available today. The Premium Membership site at is not only a step-by-step tutorial system for people wanting help with their online business, but an amazing community of like-minded people in all experience levels.


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  1. Thanks to Darlene from A Virtual Perception and Kelly I was able to start my podcast. The one thing I have to admit I haven’t learned yet is how Kelly uses her podcasts to bring in affiliate income. From listening to her I know it’s possible. Can’t wait to listen to this.

  2. I make affiliate recommends through my podcast just like I would through a blog post – naturally and on topic! My listeners appreciate relevant, useful tips about tools I use and there are so many to talk about.

    Just think about what your audience needs and pick one tool or resource that would help meet the need. Then talk about how it’s used, what sort of results you experience, etc. Don’t be overly promotional and it comes off great!

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