Conjuring Up Affiliate Gold…

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There’s a little magic required to create successful affiliate and joint venture
campaigns. But lucky we have an expert in house this week to reveal all the tricks…

The Holy Grail of online marketing is to create a rabid army of affiliates that continually tout your products to their hungry and dedicated followers. Ensuring that those affiliates, super affiliates and joint venture partners bring you the gold is your job as a product owner. Jack Born is one of the most successful affiliate managers in the business turning small campaigns into large, profitable endeavors. In this live training, Jack will cover these points and others:

  • Joint venture partners and super affiliates – how they’re different and how to attract both
  • How to find 50 potential JV prospects in 5 minutes – works in almost any market and you’ll see a live demo
  • The 3 biggest mistakes marketers make when contacting joint venture partners that kill their affiliate sales
  • How to create a professional affiliate resource center using Jack’s free plugin

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Jack Born is “the go to guy” top internet marketing experts turn to when they want more sales from affiliates and joint venture partners. He’s the affiliate manager for Google Adwords expert, Perry Marshall, who calls him “The Alchemist” for his ability to transform weak promotions into six figure campaigns. In May 2011, he launched Affiliate Salesforce Accelerator to give marketers the training and tools for recruiting a massive affiliate sales force. Jack pioneered the Tactical Triangle concept for rapidly growing conversion, traffic and profits.

Jack is also passionate about creating software for marketers. His web based software Boxshot King makes it a snap for anyone to create 3D product graphics for squeeze pages and order pages. He created the Affiliate Resource Center plugin for WordPress and he has several more premium plugins for marketers on the way.

Jack lives in Florida with his beautiful wife and his two children he lovingly calls Mastercard and Visa.


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