WordPress Plugins: Uncovering the Hidden Dangers of Shiny Plugin Syndrome

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One of the best things about WordPress is its huge community of developers.

Whatever functionality you can dream of, there is probably a plugin that will accomplish it for you. But installing the wrong plugins – or even too many of the right ones – can be bad for your site.

Join David and guest Regina Smola of WP Security Lock for an in-depth look at WordPress plugins. Regina will share tips for keeping your site healthy, including

  • How to distinguish the good plugins from the bad, so you don’t inadvertently open your site up to hackers.
  • How to completely get rid of old plugins you no longer use (clicking the “deactivate” button is NOT enough).
  • What can happen to a site when too many plugins are used, and what to do instead.

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Regina Smola, “the hacker attacker,” is the web’s leading security and server specialist.” Clients who work with Regina know their WordPress website is safer, leaving them to work on their business, add value for their customers and clients, and make more money.

Known for compassion and directness, Regina has advised and assisted thousands of WordPress users in tightening security on their websites. Whether working one-on-one with clients, as a team facilitator or an inspiring speaker, Regina’s commitment to website owners about the dangers and behaviors of malicious hackers is second to none.


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  1. RichardGoutal says:

    Great information – many thanks Regina. I am sharing this and your services with others.

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