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NAMS Instructor Nicole DeanEveryone knows that outsourcing is the key to growing a business. Major corporations understand spending billions – with a “B” – hiring temporary resources with exactly the right expertise.

And today, that very same strategy is available to small business owners as well. But instead of hiring out some one-off, small task, the real focus should be on creating a system to incorporate outsourcing as a major part of your business. Nicole Dean has done that.

She created, with Jimmy D. Brown, a 52-week course called “Outsourcing Weekly“… And her story below comes from the introduction of that course. Several years ago, she was…

“… a crazed woman, working waaaaaay too many hours each day, making myself sick, and watching my income creep up at a snail’s pace. I was exhausted, crabby, and generally not a fun person to be around. I had a million projects and was maintaining them all by myself. I *couldn’t afford* to outsource anything, of course. (Note the sarcasm.)

So, instead I plodded ahead, without creativity or productivity of any kind. I was the unproductive, crabby frustrated blob and I sat in my swivel chair – swiveling nowhere but down.

No, I’m not proud, but I’m not embarrassed either. I didn’t know any better, so how could I imagine the freedom and productivity and PROFIT that I’d realize once I let go of my fear and control and built a team of helpers?

About David Perdew

As the founder and chief architect of NAMS - the Niche Affiliate Marketing System, Inc. - I've used all my skills as a journalist, consultant and entrepreneur to build one of the most successful and fastest growing live business educational workshops available today. The MyNAMS.com Premium Membership site at http://mynams.com is not only a step-by-step tutorial system for people wanting help with their online business, but an amazing community of like-minded people in all experience levels.


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