How to Run an Affiliate Promo that Actually Gets Your Affiliates to Promote!

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Discover how Nicole Dean uses contests to dramatically increase her sales, grow her mailing lists, get tons of incoming links, and make new friends.

You’ll find out…

    • What hasn’t worked for Nicole – and why it likely won’t work for you either
    • The real key to generating sales (hint: it’s not just the prizes)
    • Why sometimes it’s ok to give away insane prizes
    • When to target your “super” affiliates – and when to focus on the small fries
    • And why it’s important to understand the difference


Nicole Dean jumps out of bed every morning, excited about teaching others how to make money online. Her goal is to show people that earning a full-time income online is doable – with the right teachers and focus, but you’ve got to take ACTION in order to get there. Nicole is an experienced affiliate marketer, affiliate manager, and PLR site owner – helping people everywhere to discover strategies for making money online.


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  1. DavidPerdew

    Nicole did a bang-up job of demonstrating contests and incentives that worked and didn’t work. Do you have any additional suggestions or examples of contests that worked and those that bombed?

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