How to Create More Content with Less Work


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If you run a website, you know how important fresh content is to your traffic and sales.

You also know how hard it is to continuously come up with new ideas, write articles and eBooks, and produce videos.

What if there were a never-ending source of quality content available to you? Imagine being able use this content on your websites, publish it on Kindle or ClickBank, or even turn it into physical products to sell. What impact would that have on your business?

As it happens, this amazing resource does exist, and you can use it to grow your online business. Get the details in this live training event, where public domain expert Tony Laidig will show you how to find and use the nearly endless supply of quality content that is published every year.

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Tony Laidig is a recognized specialist at finding and using proven content from the public domain and is an expert at showing others how to create their own fresh hybrid information products of all types using that content.




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  1. Adela Rubio

    Loved this webinar with Tony Laidig. Missed his presentation at NAMS last February. I took SO many notes! I will be checking out the links tomorrow. Loved the tip on using article titles for book chapters. There were SO many tips. Thanks to you both.

    • David Perdew

      Thanks Adela – there really is some great stuff in here. In-depth that doesn’t get much airplay. And Tony’s a great teacher. Look forward to seeing you again.

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