It’s really difficult to quantify all the MyNAMS Premium Membership benefits…

But I’m going to give it a shot here!

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1) Weekly Business Building Training - Webinar Replays, PDF of Presentations, Audio Download...

Each week, we conduct an in-depth training session for our members.

MyNAMS Premium Members get special replay access to ALL previous live training plus audio mp3 download and the pdf of the presentation from the moment you sign up and log in.

More than 26 training webinars and counting (that number increases each week!), we have had special webinar training from these folks just to name a few::

  • Nicole Dean - Affiliate Promotions that Work (How to build incentive programs to drive sales)
  • Suzanne Myers - Get More Done In Less Time And Make More Money As An Affiliate Marketer
  • Lou Bortone - How to Maximize Your Video Marketing
  • Mike Stewart - Using Mobile Marketing to Drive Local Sales
  • Connie Ragen Green - Huge Profits with Tiny Lists
  • Tony Laidig - How to Use Public Domain in Ways You Never Knew Possible
  • Kristen Eckstein - Writing Your Book in 3 1/2 Days
  • Phil Hollows - The Importance of Segmenting Your List
  • Kevin Riley - How to Find Hot Profitable Ideas for Blogs and Articles
  • Tony Rockliff - How to Create a Community with More than a Million Members
  • Bob Jenkins - You-Based Affiliate Marketing
  • Regina Smola - How to Bullet Proof Your Blog with Safe Plugins
  • Kathleen Gage - Marketing Your Kindle Ebook
  • Paul Evans - Income Growth Strategies

And many more...

Oh, by the way, the Wednesday night live event is public (so you can promote the training to your list and lock them in with your affiliate link. They do NOT have the same privileges as you since they don't get the replay or the downloads. It's a great way for you to drive affiliate referrals easily!


2) Experienced-Based Training!

MyNAMS SystemMyNAMS Premium members receive real training following a curriculum customized for you because the same training is not right for everyone. If it were, we'd all go to school and take the same courses. That's why we've created a 4-track system at NAMS that takes our members from beginner to advanced student in a methodical way based on your experience. As we learn more about you, we refine our curriculum. Below is the description of each of those tracks:

Our new 56-module member dashboard is a training resource goldmine as it steps you through the process of building an online business from the beginning to a robust and sustainable business.

The NAMS experience-based is a four-track training system. We meet you where you are in your business.

The tracks are set up like this:

NAMS100 - Beginners really. You may not have a website or blog. That's okay. You probably aren't making sales at all. And you may not even know the niche that you want to build a business in. We help with all that.

NAMS200 - You're a little more than a beginner. You've got a blog or a website. And you may be making sales occasionally. The problem is that you're not exactly sure why. We'll help you with that too.

NAMS300 - Things are beginning to really cook for you. You've got a website, blog or several. You're making enough money to supplement the family income. Maybe it's a car or house payment, maybe more. But you're probably working your tail off. We'll help you with that.

NAMS400 - You're doing really well. You're a full-time businessperson with a robust online channel. You're making at least $5,000 per month from your work. But you would really like to build a more sustainable business that runs with or without you. This track is interested in building business assets. We'll help you with that.

3) A Complete Tutorial Library with More Than 1300 Tutorial Videos on Technical Aspects of Running an Online Business Such as:

Click the video to start a short review!

  • Content Management Systems (CMS) Made Simple
  • Complete FTP series for different FTP products
  • Configuring eMail
  • Working with cPanel
  • Domain Transfer Series for multiple registrars including SimpleNicheDomains (our reseller)
  • Using Drupal
  • Using Wordpress
  • Using Photoshop
  • Using Facebook
  • Working with Gmail
  • Working with browser such as Chrome, Internet Explorer
  • Setting up iPhone e-mail
  • Setting up iPad e-mail
  • How to use LinkedIn
  • Working in PHPMyAdmin
  • Working with Webmail
  • How to use Youtube

And many, many more topics...

4) We Add Mindmaps Or Special Reports On A Specific Topic Each Month to the MYNAMS Library

I'm a process person. I like to know how things work. If you're like me, that means you want a picture or a step by step diagram of complex (or even simple) process. Mindmaps are awesome tools when it comes to understanding a process in many cases. Other times, a word picture with screen shots or steps in numerical order will suffice.

Each month, the MyNAMS community receives instructions (separate from your other training) that you can download and review. These are incredibly clear instructions on topics such as:

Click to see larger Mindmap

  • How to Succeed in Niche Marketing
  • Using Stumbleupon to Drive Targeted Traffic
  • Be Ready for Seasonal Marketing All Year Long
  • Mobile Marketing Secrets
  • Profitable Keyword Research
  • Become a Profitable Affiliate Overnight
  • Write a Salesletter that Pulls Sales
  • Build Your Mailing List Easily

and much more. Click the image at right to see a larger version of part of the mindmap.

While all of our 100s of topics are not mindmaps, each contains a workbook with actionable items. See the sample mindmap above and click it for the larger view.


5) Fast-Start checklists and comparison charts are added regularly to the MyNAMS Library too!

When you want to do something today, you want to do it fast. That's why we've provided you with these fast-start checklists and comparison charts on common topics so you can spend more time marketing and less time figuring out how to do the mundane stuff. We provide tip sheets on these topics just as an example:

  • Outsourcing Checklists and training materials to save you time when hiring employees.
  • Website Checklist helps ensure you cover all the important parts when building a site.
  • Email Marketing Checklist helps you plan your email campaign before you even sign up for an autoresponder account.
  • Target Market Research Checklist helps you define your target market (and ensure its viable).
  • Website Traffic Checklist contains 10 proven methods of driving traffic to your site
  • Blogging Platform Comparison Chart to help you choose the right platform for your needs.
  • Consumer Review Sites Comparison Chart helps you find the best sites for product and service reviews.
  • Document Sharing Comparison Chart helps you share files with your business partners, VAs, clients, or others.
  • Microblogging Platform Comparison Chart shows you the best microblog platform for your market.
  • Photo Sharing Sites Comparison Chart gives you options when it comes to sharing photos on the web.
  • Q & A Site Comparison Chart helps you find places to both ask and answer questions.
  • Social Bookmarking Comparison Chart lets you share your favorite pages with the world.
  • Social Media Tools Comparison Chart helps you share more great content online, faster, and more efficiently.
  • Social Network Comparison Chart helps narrow your choices when it comes to getting social online.
  • Social Search Comparison Chart allows you to find out what people are talking about.
  • Video Sharing Comparison Chart shows where to share your marketing videos for maximum effect.

6) Accountability groups

Say it loud and say it proud.

And say it in public.

Let's face it, we're all busy and have too much to do. That's why we need other people to help keep us on track. Procrastination and loss of focus is not our friend. Our accountability groups will help keep you on target if you need it. Each premium member has access to our accountability section in the forum. They are set up by geographic region, but you're not bound to that group. If you have friends in another group, you can go over there.

But the key is to get involved. Introduce yourself and take advantage of all the knowledge these folks have.


7) Private forum discussions

Wouldn't it be nice to ask questions that you really need confidential answers to?

In the MyNAMS private forums, only people who are serious about their online endeavors and who agree to our ethics standards are allowed to communicate. In fact, many of our instructors frequent the forum to pitch in with help when needed. Where else can you get that? And often, you'll want to get opinions from people you trust.about questions, processes or content that you're going to launch, so we’ve added a private forum where you can talk business with other affiliate marketers without fear of copy-cat lurkers.

MyNAMS private forum is available to you immediately. All you have to do is get started.

When you become a MyNAMS Premium Member, your MyNAMS community automatically opens up.

8) Member blogs with “do follow” links

Alexa RankingWhy is this a great benefit?

Today, the MyNAMS Alexa ranking is 39,033 globally. We're getting a lot of traffic. And you can have as many backlinks from this site as you want as a MyNAMS Premium Member.

You can never have too many inbound links to your websites. Your member blog is an important benefit that will help your business in three ways:

  1. Better search engine optimization for better traffic because you're improving your one-way backlinks
  2. Easily promote your Main Blog or site by using your member blog to link back to it
  3. Repurpose your high quality content easily and attracting more referrals
  4. Get other people to refer your content with the one-click referral system on each page (and build your commissions from MyNAMS with your affiliate link embedded)
  5. Ride the coattails of a highly trafficked site by pointing folks back to your site with your high-quality, useful-but-incomplete content...Show people what you know!

Why would we allow that? Have I mentioned we're all about helping you be successful?


9) Member Showcase

List your websites in our exclusive member directory. It's just another we're driving traffic back to your site with our new Members Showcase. Our directory is open to the public for website submissions, but only MyNAMS Premium Members are eligible to profiled on our public blog giving you more exposure and more traffic. It's a small benefit, but every little bit of traffic counts.


10) Weekly Affiliate Training Lessons

Affiliate marketing is a business - a very lucrative one at that, but it is also a system. Whether your online focus is to become an affiliate marketer or a product creator, you'll need to build a system that will allow you to consistently drive sales into your funnel. Affiliate marketing is the dream business for both marketers and owners.

  • Marketers don't have to do much "creation" work - the products and, often, the content is created for them.
  • Product owners can increase their sales exponentially by engaging affiliates who will only be paid when they perform - it's the perfect sales force.

As a MyNAMS member, we'll send you a weekly affiliate marketing lesson so you can build your business system correctly.


11) Launch and Joint Venture Calendar

The NAMS community is a very supportive group. If you've got some big news coming up and need to round up a few extra hands to promote your launch, all you have to do is submit it to our launch calendar and the MyNAMS group will see your plan. You can include a link to drive folks to your sign up page.

Share your product launch dates, recruit affiliates, and make more sales by using our product launch calendar.


12) An active affiliate program!

You can find the details of our affiliate program by visiting the Affiliate Tools page

13) Niche Mall

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This is huge. More than 1000 digital products in 100 niches with 100% commission for MyNAMS Premium Members.

What does that mean? Well, you have to see it to believe it. We have an entire sales funnel system set up for each of these digital products. And as an a MyNAMS member, you get a special affiliate link to promote any of the products in the Niche Mall. You send your prospects the link to the product and you receive 100% of the payment in your PayPal account just as if the product was on your website.

It's an incredible benefit of membership.

That's not all!


Big Bonuses!

14) Special Reports, Rebrandable Reports, eBooks and Software Tools!

As a MyNAMS Premium Member, you have a special affiliate relationship with us too! In fact, we continue to create videos, reports, eCourses, and brandable reports for your use to give you great content that serves your community as well as driving new referrals with your branded affiliate links. Below are just a few of the brandable reports.

Click a thumbnail below to see a bigger image!

More bonuses...

Each month, we dole out great bonuses like eBooks, special reports, brandable materials, and EXCLUSIVE discounts on your next NAMS event. And we continue to add great new benefits to our members, but the biggest benefit is the community that you can turn to when you need any kind of help.