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Two veteran product creators show you how to
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If you’re reading this, you are probably one of many who plan (or had planned eons ago) to create your own product, but the mysteries of new product creation have baffled you.product creation start

What has kept you from doing it?

Having that nagging fire in your belly telling you to act on brilliant ideas that never go away can be stressful and frustrating.

Just how can other people be so prolific with product creation? Do you feel that pang of jealousy when someone you know comes up with yet another product?

Had you acted months or years back, how many products would you have had already?

How much money would you have made? Would it have made a big difference in your personal and professional life?

Without a doubt, there’s a reason why you haven’t created your own product yet or why you stopped making more after doing just one.

You may be thinking that…

    • Product creation is hard and scary.
    • You don’t know a thing about creating a product.
    • You just don’t know where to start.
    • You are scared of not being THE authority in the subject you are writing about.
    • You want to provide your customers with information of extraordinary value.
    • You want a guarantee that if you spend a lot of time as well as mental and physical energy on creating a product, it will be successful.
    • You don’t know how to stop adding more ideas to the product so that you’re able to complete it.
    • Your product may not be profitable? How do you ensure there’s a buyer for it?
    • If you create it, how do you reach the market?
    • You are not ready.
    • Your product is not good enough.
    • You are just not good enough.


To quote one of our favorite TV psychologists, “JUST STOP IT!”

simple product creationHere’s the thing: Creating a product is only as difficult as you make it!

And it becomes more difficult because of negative ideas that exist only between your ears!

As two of our product creation experts always say, “you don’t need to be a genius or tech savvy” to create your own product.

Kevin Riley is a master product creator who has lost count of how many products he has created over the years, and David Perdew is the architect and founder of the Niche Affiliate Marketing Systems, Inc. with more than 300 products (and growing) at MyNAMS.com.

Product creation is really simple.

Kevin and David show you how in this 4-hour Simple Product Creation Micro Workshop.

    • They show you that product creation is not complicated and that you don’t need years to have your own product done;
    • They boost your confidence (in the unique way that they conduct the Micro Workshop) so you feel ready;
    • They reveal how you can provide an information-packed and value-laden product so you don’t feel you’re short-changing your customers;
    • They share to you how to boost your productivity so that you could shun distractions that hinder your product creation process;
    • They show you how to leverage the expertise of real experts to create a product on a topic that you know very little about.
    • They take you by the hand so that by the end of the Micro Workshop, you have your own profitable product which is just what you wanted.

Of course, you’d say that Kevin and David are experts and have years
of experience (they are and they do), BUT…

They’ve been exactly where you are now and know what it’s like to be in your position;

The processes they show you are so basic you have probably done them several times (only, you’ve not completed the full cycle to see your product through);

They speak in a simple, practical and down-to-earth language you’ll easily understand.

In this Simple Product Creation Micro Workshop, you discover…

    • The important key to developing your product
    • Six simple product creation steps that will take you through the full cycle of making your own product
    • How to come up with your “big ideas” for an excellent product
    • Ways to make sure you have buyers or consumers (or that you make money selling your product or succeed with list-building or whatever goal you set for yourself)
    • Ways to validate and test your product ideas to make sure your product succeeds in the market
    • Various formats by which you may present or package your product
    • How to create a prototype to work with at the onset
    • How to effectively outline your content using a basic guide
    • How to build content from resources that are readily out there
    • Ways to brand yourself and/or your product
    • How to plot long-term potentials or path or possibilities for your product
    • Ways to get valuable different forms of feedback to enhance your product
    • Valuable tips, techniques and tools to maintain focus, avoid procrastination and boost your productivity
    • and much more.

By investing in this 4-hour micro workshop, you
immediately get access to the following:

    • Two 2-hour video webinars replays
    • PDF Transcripts
    • Downloadable Mp3 Audio Files for your personal use
    • Mind map of the 6-step product creation checklist for Freemind
    • Checklist of the 6-step product creation in HTML, Microsoft Word and PDF format


This Workshop doesn’t cost a fortune either!

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David Perdew



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What are you waiting for? Act now!

Don’t find yourself yourself in the same spot next week, next month, next year.
Still thinking and wishing…


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