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You own an online business, so you know how important it is to have a steady stream of quality content to offer your visitors. Content is the key to your SEO efforts, keeping traffic flowing, and making sales.

So every month we offer MyNAMS members 50 articles in a variety of niches. You have PLR rights, which means you can rewrite them to add your own spin to the topic, or even completely reformat them into something totally different.

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  • Create a viral report.
  • Use them as the basis for a video or audio recording.
  • Put them in your newsletter.
  • Use them as content on Facebook or other social networking sites.
  • Build feeder blogs designed to drive traffic back to your main site.
  • Turn them into a script for a webinar.
  • Use them as a starter for an eBook that you sell.
  • Or anywhere else you need lots of content!

July 2012 Articles

Day Outings

  • Adventure Day Trips
  • Aquatic Day Trips
  • Have a Fun and Unique Outing – Explore a Cave
  • Ideas for Day Trips with Kids
  • Doggie Day Trips – Planning an Outing with Your Best Friend
  • Girls’ Day Out – Day Trips with Friends
  • Hiking and Camping in One Day
  • Historic Sites and Events
  • One-Day Nature Tours
  • Trip for Two – Outings for Couples

Summer Fitness Ideas

  • Fitness Activities for Your Kids This Summer
  • Get Fit with Summer Games
  • Get in Shape with Bike Riding
  • Health and Fitness Tips for Summer
  • Summer Fitness – Hiking and Walking
  • Riding Your Way to Summer Fitness on Horseback
  • Fun Family Fitness – Kayaking!
  • Rock Climbing for Fitness – What You Should Know
  • Fun Summer Activities That Keep You Fit
  • Swimming for Fitness This Summer

Local Recreation Ideas

  • Experience the Joys of Diving This Summer
  • Five Different Kinds of Summer Retreats for Relaxation and Growth
  • Organize a Water Gun Fight with Your Kids
  • Plan a Romantic Summer Picnic in Your Local Park
  • Solo Summer Camping – A Relaxing, Refreshing Experience
  • Spend Your Free Time This Summer on a Road Trip
  • Summer Cooking Adventures for Couples
  • Summer Is the Perfect Time for a Garage Sale Hunt
  • Take Your Kids Museum Hopping This Summer
  • Take Your Kids on a Farming Vacation

Sizzling Summer Heat

  • Best Foods to Eat in the Summer Time
  • Exercising Outdoors in the Heat
  • Fun Summer Activities for Families
  • Grilling Safety during the Summer
  • How to Stay Hydrated in the Heat
  • Seven Tips for Beating the Summer Heat
  • Signs That the Summer Heat Is Getting to You
  • Staying Cool Inside This Summer
  • Summer Pool Safety
  • Summer Wardrobe Ideas

Summer Savings

  • How to Turn Summer into a Financial Teaching Game
  • How to Save Money in Summer on Groceries
  • How to Save Money on Electric Bills in Summer
  • How to Save Money on Summer Clothes
  • Low Cost Summer Party Ideas
  • Reduce Your Summer Driving Costs
  • Save Money in Summer on Child-Related Expenses
  • Save Money This Summer by Growing Your Food
  • Three Cheap Kid-Friendly Summer Vacation Ideas
  • Use Cash Budgeting to Conserve Money in Summer


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