Everyone has received an email. Everyone has also received unsolicited emails, and that has given email marketing some bad press lately. That makes it all the more important to build a list of subscribers who want you to communicate with them this way. That’s what listbuilding is all about.

One of the most common ways that online business owners connect with their potential customers is through email. You can reach people easier that way than you can by ringing them up on the phone. It’s much less expensive than direct mail, and earns a much better response than advertising. Email can be accessed from laptops in Wi-Fi hotspots, smart phones, and iPads to name a few. So, you could say that it is pretty important to manage this marketing tool just right.

Email Lists

Here’s how it usually works: you include an opt-in page on your website. It could be for free stuff, discounted merchandise, or additional information on something they read on your site. Readers are asked to become subscribers in some way to your website by providing their name and email address.

Along with that address you also include a disclaimer to put them at ease. Anyone who signs up knows that you won’t sell their information to a third party or send them unwanted spam emails.

Your initial list will be mixed with those who are in your target market and people who are interested in more general information. If you are trying to reach people who are into dog accessories, you may reach those who are seeking information on pet accessories in general. They will soon be weeded out and hopefully they won’t make up the bulk of your list.


Now, it’s time to contact those people. You have the list and something has to be done with it. Your subscribers are waiting.

You can use a series of emails that highlight your product offerings as a way to transition subscribers into the realm of customers. The goal of these emails is to provide additional information on the topic of your website business and not to necessarily sell a product directly.

The emails can be set up automatically to go out on a pre-set schedule using autoresponder programs and services. These services give you a way to distribute those emails. You can even add the personal touch of addressing your list by name instead of a blanket greeting with certain autoresponder services.

But, we are getting ahead of ourselves here. You need something to load into the autoresponder program. Create a series of emails that speak directly to each list member as if they were the only one on your list. You can even outsource the autoresponder emails if you need to.

Now that you have a list of subscribers, your next step is keeping them your number one priority. Use autoresponder emails to contact them on a regular basis with the purpose of building a solid relationship for future business.

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