Article marketing is one of the best ways to gain traffic for free, and it’s a great way to drive that traffic to your opt-in page. Using your expertise in the niche market, you can attract the people who are interested in the product or service that you are marketing.

The goal of business is to make money. If you aren’t successful, then you won’t be in business for long. The goal of list building is to create a network of people who will play into that success over and over again. The money will come if you cultivate the relationship first.

Article Marketing

Most people choose niches that appeal to them because they already know something about it. Use this to your advantage with article marketing.

Article marketing involves writing compelling content that can be highlighted on your website as well as other places. If you aren’t great in the writing department you can hire a ghostwriter or a ghostwriting service to handle the hard work for you. All you need to do is provide them with the information you want included in the articles.

Don’t forget to include keywords. They are still important. The fabulous things that you write won’t get read if no one can find it. Using keywords relevant to your niche can assure you a place on the first page of search results (or close to it once you get the hang of it). Then, others will learn that you have something important to say.

You can market your articles in several places. In fact there are quite a few directories that are in search of good articles. Quality is still the name of the game. Once you submit your work to these sites, they are reviewed by their experts before they are accepted. Appearing on popular sites like and Buzzle can increase your visibility and credibility.

Growing Your List

What you want to build your list are subscribers – people who will opt-in for newsletters, reports, email marketing campaigns and the like. If you are bent on selling them something at every turn, then your list will remain puny and ineffective. Concentrate on giving the readers what they want before you think about making the sale.

Provide information that is relevant to the target market. For example, for someone who wants to sell fishing equipment, write content that touts the benefits of fishing (relaxation, family activities, etc.) to them. After that, you can build up to how-to articles on different types of equipment or fishing tips.

When you give your readers what they want, they will come back for more. As they become comfortable with you, you can ask for their information and they will give it freely. These readers are now ready to hear more about you and your products.

Article marketing is one of the best ways to drive traffic for free (or virtually so). To learn more about how article marketing works, check out Nicole Dean’s interview with Jeff Herring, available in the Library.

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