For those of you already registered for the NAMS7 workshop on Feb. 10-12, we’ve posted the hotel registration information on the site. Click the link to access the page and jump over to the registration page. We have a lot of fun at the event and part of it is the great service we get from the hotel. Staying at the hotel is the key to making sure the NAMS event gets the best facilities each year.

Are you coming to NAMS7 on Feb. 10-12? If not, why not?! Check here: NAMS7 Workshop.



  1. Chloe_Anderson says

    Yup! We’ve already made reservations at the Marriott. We didn’t know that you were to make price arrangements for us. We got a room for 4 (all 4 of us are coming) that includes free breakfast for about $109 per night. Can’t wait ti meet Lynn Terry. Traci Knoppe and Nicole Dean!

    Chloe & Gary Anderson

    • DavidPerdew says

      Chloe and Gary –
      Just a reminder – only those signed up through the link get the bonus of the workshop audios at no cost (pretty substantial savings) and the hotel rate of $99 per night. Not too late :) Glad you’re booked and coming!

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