NAMS4Kids: Letter from Dr. Mani


Dr. Mani wrote a letter today describing the impact of the folks at NAMS3. It's below. If that doesn't make you eager to be part of the impact of the NAMS community nothing will. Read it and then visit the NAMS4Kids website. You'll be glad you did. And by the way, be sure to check out the referral rewards. We have a special reward just for students at   [Read More …]

Are you blogging about your passion?

Here in Alabama, it's tax day. Not tax paying day, but tax free day. Computers, TVs and lots of other stuff are tax free for 24 hours. It's a good day. Yesterday we got our Alabama season tickets (Roll Tide!). My lovely wife and football expert celebrates enthusiastically with the UPS man when he brings the tickets...sometimes to the point of scaring him a little bit. Two   [Read More …]

NAMS4 – Ready to party?

Two weeks from this very moment (7:15 Eastern Time), I will be with 150 NAMSters at the cash bar at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Atlanta-Airport (1325 Virginia Ave, Atlanta, GA 30344) during the NAMS reception. We'll be cutting through the noise, meeting and greeting, and taking snapshots with one another. And having a lot of fun! Even if you're not coming to NAMS4, come to hotel   [Read More …]

Love NAMS? Show it with your official NAMS4 T-shirt!

You can be the cutest one at NAMS4 with your very own OFFICIAL NAMS4 t-shirt. Very stylish indeed. A black all cotton T with the NAMS4 logo on the front. Check out Terri Brooks on the left in this cool black shirt. Get your order in before Aug. 10, and good things happen. First, you'll get a 40 percent discount off the $24.97 price. You pay $15. Second, if you wear   [Read More …]