Online Success Cast with Connie Ragen-Green

Connie Ragen-Green left her teaching career in 2005 to work online and has enjoyed phenomenal success. Today, in addition to affiliate marketing, she teaches online entrepreneurs how to earn more and work less. In addition, she is the author of two fantastic books about Internet marketing: "Huge Profits with a Tiny List" and "Huge Profits with Affiliate Marketing." Listen in   [Read More …]

What’s My Greatest Take-Away from NAMS?

Jeff Herring at NAMS6

I really had no idea what NAMS would be like. I had never attended an event like this. Even after I bought my airline ticket, I still nearly backed out several times and probably would have but I would have been letting down Karen Fox, my new friend and roommate. I couldn’t do that to her so I just decided I’d go and I’d make the best of it, no matter what it was like. You   [Read More …]

Nicole Dean is the 4th Week Affiliate Contest Winner!


Don't you just love a good surprise? We have plenty of surprises every week. But one thing I don't want you to be surprised about is that the MyNAMS Premium Membership will increase by 55% at the end of the month to $14.97. That's still an amazing deal - 85% off the eventual price of $97. New members get locked in at that ridiculous rate for the life of your   [Read More …]