Takeaway Moments from NAMS6 by Loretta Oliver

Jeff Herring at NAMS 6

I took lots of notes and typed frantically on my keyboard quite a few times during the weekend, as is always the case during a NAMS event or webinar, but a few things were stuck in the front of my mind - and not all of them came out of the presentation rooms. I attended a variety of classes in every track, I spent time visiting the 100, 200, 300, and 400 rooms during the   [Read More …]

How to get NAMS7 Workshop Ticket?


Can you believe I'm already talking about NAMS7? I just finished repacking the equipment and putting it in storage for the next workshop - NAMS7 - in February - dates are 10-12. And we'll be in the same hotel. But already, people are scrambling to take advantage of the member discount to get locked in on the NAMS7 workshop.  And with good reason. I had a frank discussion with   [Read More …]