How to Prepare for NAMS 7

Dan Morris teaching at NAMS4

How to Prepare for NAMS 7 (Not just for newbies) I fondly remember my first NAMS event three years ago. I didn't know anyone, didn't know what to expect and I found out after I got there that I really didn't know what to bring. But I was excited. . . I still remember that "first timers" excitement. I thought I'd never feel that "first timers" excitement again. . . but   [Read More …]

Random Drawing Week 5


How to navigate the new MyNAMS affiliate menus (and discover who won this week's random drawing for the $100 Amazon Gift Card...) As with any new website, has been going through some organizational in making it much easier to use and find the tools that you're most interested in. This is especially important for affiliates. If you're interested   [Read More …]

Random Drawing Week 4

MyNAMS Random Drawing Week 4

Discover how to use Brandable Reports to keep the money rolling in year round... In the 4th week's Sunday night quick training, we look at how affiliates can keep visitors and new prospects streaming into the MyNAMS sales funnel on a regular basis. After all, our focus as good affiliates AND good product owners is to provide content that affiliates love using because it adds   [Read More …]

I Love Getting Paid Again and Again … The Beauty of Recurring Affiliate Commissions


by Susanne Myers Daily Affiliate Tasks  How would you like to promote something once and then continue to get affiliate commissions month after month? Let me tell you, it’s nice! I’m promoting several programs with recurring commissions including an autoresponder service, webhosting and several membership sites. What Are Recurring Affiliate Commissions? With the   [Read More …]