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Click Here and Make Money 3

Now, you can promote any piece of content on MyNAMS and make money easily! We added a little something to the MyNAMS mix tonight that I'm pretty excited about. It makes telling people about our great community that much easier and even more rewarding. And it's oh-so simple! I was talking to Nicole Dean the other day about our plans for NAMS8 on Aug. 3, 4 and 5 later this   [Read More …]

Feedblitz-How to automate your newsletter

Automate Your Newsletter with Feedblitz

Wouldn't you love a set it and forget it newsletter? This is one of the biggest issues I have: How do I get a professional looking newsletter that I send out to the MyNAMS members without spending a ton on a programmer and spending all day creating that bad boy from scratch each time. What I really want is a magic wand to wave over my site and have little robots in the   [Read More …]

IdeaMarketers Walkthrough

IdeaMarketers Alexa Site Info

IdeaMarketers: The only all-in-one content marketing site! Article marketing, press releases, video promotion, information product promotion, joint venture deal-making, and paid advertising... UGH! As a niche marketer, there's so much to do if you want to drive long-term, consistent traffic to your site. Wouldn't it be great if there was a highly trafficked site where   [Read More …]