Feedblitz-How to automate your newsletter

Automate Your Newsletter with Feedblitz

Wouldn't you love a set it and forget it newsletter? This is one of the biggest issues I have: How do I get a professional looking newsletter that I send out to the MyNAMS members without spending a ton on a programmer and spending all day creating that bad boy from scratch each time. What I really want is a magic wand to wave over my site and have little robots in the   [Read More …]

NAMS7 Resources

NAMS7 Schedule

NAMS7 resources will be in a single location for all students to download It may feel like we're taking forever to pull stuff together for the NAMS7 workshop, but the truth is that it's shaping up to be the most awesome workshop we've put together. And now, we have a single resources page where NAMS 7 students and instructors can pull down all the workshop materials   [Read More …]

Week 6 affiliate winner


How to use e-mail series from MyNAMS Affiliate Toolbox to drive more sales... In this short video, I demonstrated how to use the MyNAMS e-mail series in the affiliate toolbox so you can add them to your autoresponder and broadcast emails. Of course, it's always better to add your own voice by rewriting the emails just a bit, but that can be done in 5 minutes versus 30   [Read More …]