How much value do you put on value?

As I was driving to Atlanta yesterday, I was thinking about the Niche Affiliate Marketing System workshop this weekend and how I could add more value for the folks. It's already steeped in great value with expert instructors who are bound to bring terrific information - especially for the price. But what else could I do, I wondered? But I couldn't get my first appointment in   [Read More …]

Recession proof your business forever!

You can do this with free teleseminars...yep that's right. Just by converting free teleseminars into huge monthly income fees, you'll be home free. Sounds a little too easy, right? But think about it? Would you like to convert free into $15k? You've got the knowledge to do it. But you may not even know it. If you're like most people, you have a wealth of information   [Read More …]

Article Marketing: If you can write a 7-item grocery list, you can write an article!

Jeff Herring - a guy who says he thought he couldn't write - has become known as the The Article Marketing Guy! Not only is Jeff the king of online articles with more than 1000 articles at, but he's created a thriving coaching business teaching people to build long-term income using articles. He gets paid a lot of money to do that. You get him as part of   [Read More …]

Are you convinced an online business right for you?

I love hearing from readers. And this morning, I got a really good question. I'd like to know more about your upcoming workshop, NAMS, to determine if it is a fit for me. I've taken many courses and read boatloads of info and spent lots of money. But found I needed to go back to the foundation of putting together a business. So I'm trying to do all the research right now   [Read More …]

Attending workshops: Why you should always stay till Monday?

Why should you stay around there for Monday morning activities. I got a question from a Niche Affiliate Marketing System registrant about why she should stay at the weekend workshop until Monday morning? Of course, it's really the day after. Our activities will only last about 2 hours. But for those of you who've never been a live event like this, you'll be dog-tired   [Read More …]