Save a Child’s Life…Do Something REALLY Great for Valentine’s Day


If you know me, you know I'm a big fan of Dr. Mani. My dear friend Dr.Mani, the heart surgeon, infopreneur and GREAT humanitarian, is launching his second book on February 14th, 2011 - as a Kindle ebook on Like the print version that launched last year, all profits will go to fund life-saving heart surgery for children from under-privileged   [Read More …]

Internet Marketing Strategy | Accomplish goals and stop the busy work!

Start with an internet marketing strategy Create a plan that focuses on the internet marketing strategy Execute the plan. In our first webinar in the NAMS series (which you can get for free by the way), Mark Hendricks focused on creating an internet marketing strategy first. That seems like a reasonable - if not the only - way to really do good work, achieve results and   [Read More …]

Feed blog monster with premium-but-low-cost articles


I used to be a pretty good newspaperman. I loved the business. Each night, I'd go home with ink on my fingers and the flinty odor of freshly printed papers clinging to my clothes. It was the same smell that wafted through the building as huge presses rolled in the basement. I'd stand in the typesetting room as the union setters placed each letter in the tray to build a   [Read More …]

Answer questions about the free monthly webinar series…

I sent out this short e-mail today about registering for the NAMS Deep Dive Webinar Series, and now there's a little confusion. So, the e-mail follows, then I'll clarify: Register For A Free Monthly Webinar Series With Top NAMS Instructors To Dive Deeper Into Essential Business Techniques Do you know what's missing from nearly every UNSUCCESSFUL business? The answer is   [Read More …]