Right tool for the right job


Right tool for the right job creates the right solution. My dad used to repeat that when I was growing up. At 81, he still practices that old saying. In January, I got a first hand reminder from him how important it is to have the right tool for the right job. I sat at his kitchen table pecking away on my computer in his Florida retirement home while mom stood at the kitchen   [Read More …]

Discover your passion and find life itself…


NAMS student Mark Mason at Mason's World asked a really good question about how to discover your passion. In response to a blog post I did yesterday about turning your passion into a business, he asked : "One of the questions that I hear all the time is 'how do I discover my passion' – and you seem to agree that discovery is key. You say 'Look closely and you’ll find yours   [Read More …]

Can you build a business around your passion?


Where's your passion? About 12 years ago, I worked with a guy who spent every weekend flying to different major league baseball parks. His summer and fall schedule was all set. He had his tickets and knew exactly which ballpark and team he'd watch. Following a specific team wasn't his passion. It was sitting in the ballpark, experiencing the outfield, first base sideline,   [Read More …]

Breaking news! Google is getting Slapped!


And this ain't just going to be a love tap either, Google! Watch as Google takes an uppercut to the chin. From Bloomberg News Site today: "U.S. Federal Trade Commission has begun a review of its business practices, kicking off what’s likely to be a broad antitrust investigation. The company received a subpoena on June 23 “relating to a review by the FTC of Google’s   [Read More …]

Affiliate marketers: What’s your primary job?


As affiliate marketers, we sometimes forget what we're supposed to be doing. Peddling other people's stuff? Or providing a service for our readers? This is a little story about an experience this week that reminded of why I'm one of many affiliate marketers. My wife seldom complains - about anything! And never asks for anything out of the ordinary. Getting her to spend money   [Read More …]